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~ Wednesday, May 12 ~

Kara’s Tomato Noodles

A pseudo guest blog from my roommate Kara, this is probably the thing she makes with the most frequency. As far as I know Tomato Noodles is Kara’s 100% original recipe, so listen up because this is a treat :)

What you’ll need:

One can of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup

One cup of Pasta, Kara suggests small shells

Yup, that’s it

What you’ll do:

Cook the pasta according to directions (salt the water of course), then drain it and put it back in the pot. Reserve a little of the pasta water to use in making the soup because the pasta water is starchy and will help the soup adhere to the noodles (if that’s too complicated for you, no sweat). Now add the condensed soup to the pot and thin with a little water to make the soup/sauce as thick or thin as you desire.

A note to Kara: I really wanted to use the picture with the pasta strainer and the pizza, but I thought you might prefer this one :) Happy Tomato Noodles!

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